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An example of an Artist collection guitar in progress is shown here. The rare and beautiful African pink ivory wood has been used in all the embellishments.

The handmade rosette which also incorporates pink ivory is inspired by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian whose abstract paintings were made up of coloured squares and rectangles.

An artist collection example of a guitar in which the beautiful African pink ivory wood is shown. The embellishments contain some pink ivory and the tuner buttons are hand-carved from pink ivory.

The handmade rosette is inspired by the Dutch artist whose abstract paintings were made up of coloured squares and rectangles.


Constructed as either a replica or a compilation of the works of the best of Spanish luthiers such as Santos Hernández, Marcello Barbero and Antonio de Torres. My concert classical guitars have great clarity and well-balanced sound with beautiful overtones.

CONCERT CLASSICAL with eLevated fingerboard

In this range, I also offer an elevated fingerboard design. This modern design has the advantage of providing easier reach into the upper treble frets while retaining all the sound attributes of my traditional instruments.

An added benefit is an increase in sustain of the upper treble notes due to fingerboard support up to the 19th fret.

“Rodney Stedall guitars have a traditional feel combined with a sound that projects to the back of any concert hall. A rich tone with clear warm treble and full-bodied bass. Well balanced and a joy to play”.


Constructed following Spanish master builders Santos Hernández and Marcello Barbero my flamenco guitars have the design elements that perfected the true sensitive and raspy flamenco sound. Perfect for accompaniment to flamenco cante (song) and baile (dance).
My mentor was the late Eugene Clark who had a deep understanding of the construction methods used by some of the best Spanish flamenco luthiers.

Spanish cypress is the traditional flamenco tone wood. I have recently had comparable results using alternate cypress species and even some local New Zealand native pines. We will work together to design the flamenco guitar of your dreams.

The light construction and low playing action make my flamenco guitars remarkably easy to play.

These flamenco guitars respond instantly to the player’s wishes for volume, colour and musical mood.

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