Unique leopard print rosette

My signature rosette has a beautiful leopard skin mosaic, reflecting my South African heritage. Each rosette is individually hand assembled and unique.


Rosette making is an extremely time consuming craft. Thin wooden veneers are stacked and glued in certain colour order. These are cut into thin slices which are once again stacked and glued to produce a square log. The log is cut into 2mm thick mosaic pieces which are then selectively placed by hand into a mould with other strips of wood and set into position with glue.


Now living in New Zealand I have designed a new “Kiwi” rosette making use of the natural beauty of the Ponga (Silver fern). See pictures below of “hibiscus” and “forget-me-not” flowers as well as Brazilian rosewood rosette inlay.


Personalised rosettes can be ordered.


I prefer to use my signature rosette, but other designs can be discussed.

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