Customising your instrument

The advantage of a luthier built instrument is that your instrument can be customised to suit your exact requirements and specifications.

No extra charge is made for a customised guitar when using materials from my standard list and providing that no extra tooling or jigs need to be manufactured. Cost of material upgrades are charged on a per item calculation.


Scale length

I have several shorter scale options for concert classical guitars. Most of them incorporate my standard body size and quality sound. These guitars are usually made to accommodate those with smaller hands. For children who are serious about owning a hancrafted guitar. My latest design is called "Baby Grand" and can be made with neck dimensions of a 3/4 or 1/2 size guitar but with specially designed modified larger body.


Shorter scale
Shorter scale
Shorter scale
Shorter scale
Shorter scale
Shorter scale
Shorter scale
Shorter scale


Neck width

Those with thin fingers may prefer the neck width to be slightly less than the standard 52mm. In contrast I have made steel string guitars with a wider than normal neck to accommodate the needs of a classical player.

Neck shape

At your request I will attempt to duplicate a neck of your liking in shape and thickness. My current neck shape has proven popular.



Solid wood bindings are always used and light maple bindings or other woods can be selected to replace the usual dark rosewood bindings.


Headstock veneer

Headstock veneer can be selected from a variety of figured dark or light woods such as African blackwood, Indian rosewood, wild olive and others.



Abalone (paua) or shell inlays usually apply to steel-string flat top guitars. It is not customary to over embellish classical guitars. I am willing to personalise a guitar with a custom inlay. A non-refundable deposit will be required on commencement of a custom embellishment.



My signature rosette is a beautiful leopard skin print, reflecting my South African heritage. An alternative “Kiwi” rosette design is now available. Customised designs can be discussed. The additional cost is time related and an intricate mosaic may add considerable expense to your instrument.



I do not build cutaway classical guitars. For easier access to the upper frets on a classical I would recommend that you consider a raised fingerboard. I will gladly make a cutaway steel-string flat top.



Any brand of pickup can be incorporated into your guitar. However, I reluctantly cut into the sides of my classical guitars and would prefer to fit an alternative, non-invasive type of pickup.


Sound ports

All of my classical are now reinforced in anticipation of pre-drilling or retro-drilling of two 25mm round sound ports. These come at no extra cost and can be done at any stage after delivery if required.



Any upgrade on tuning machines is available and cost thereof is fairly calculated.

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