Standard Concert Classical

My standard concert classical is built in the tradition of the Spanish masters on a concaved solera in open space (no side mould).


Woods used are generally European spruce or western red cedar for the soundboard, a selection of Dalbergia rosewoods or more sustainable wood options for backs and sides (wood options can be found here), a Spanish cedar neck, ebony fingerboard and Brazilian, Indian or Madagascan rosewood bridge with 12-hole tie block.


My signature rosettes are individually made and have a beautiful leopard skin pattern, which is also inlaid into the bridge tie block. My new “Kiwi” rosette makes use of the natural design of the native Ponga fern.


I use traditional hot animal glue for the most strategic joints on the soundboard (braces and bridge) and aliphatic resin for the others.


All necks are reinforced with an embedded carbon fibre rod or alternately a visible blackwood strip.


Traditional fretting is 19 frets. I suggest a 20th fret option.


Basic tuners are Rubner. However, I would suggest an upgrade to Irving Sloane or Gilbert.


All instruments are French polished.

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